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Why Urban Air Mobility Projects Are Gaining Popularity

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is the new frontier in aviation. Its concept boils down to the creation of small, quiet and stable aircraft – public transport for intracity, short-haul and regional travel. What seemed like a pipe dream less than...

05 May 2021 News
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Kopter SH09 turned into Leonardo AW09

Italian helicopter company Leonardo Helicopters and its Swiss subsidiary Kopter have renamed the SH09 single-engine helicopter to Leonardo AW09. The company expects to complete certification of the model by the end of 2023. The rebranding was announced almost a year...

29 April 2021 News
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Airbus Helicopters expands cooperation on customer support programs: every fifth helicopter participates

In 2021, the number of helicopters connected to Airbus Helicopters HCare Smart and HCare Infinite customer support programs has grown to 2,400. Now one in five helicopters from the Airbus international fleet participates in the programs, said Christoph Sammert, executive...

25 April 2021 News
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World fleet of civil and military helicopters: status and trends

Experts from the analytical company Cirium spoke about the state of the world fleet of civil and military helicopters, as well as supply trends. The data is provided by the Flightglobal.com portal. According to analysts, over the past 20 years...

30 December 2020 News
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Bell unveils electric tail rotor system for helicopter

The American company Bell Helicopter demonstrated the Bell 429 helicopter with an electrically distributed torque stabilizer (EDAT) during the Aero-Montreal International Aerospace Innovation Forum in Quebec. “Our team has been designing and building commercial helicopters for almost 35 years and...

15 December 2020 News
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Assembly of units of the first offshore helicopter has begun in Russia

The Russian Helicopters holding has announced the start of production of the first domestic offshore helicopter Mi-171A3. The assembly of individual components and assemblies of the machine started in the fall of 2020, and the creation of the first flight...

15 October 2020 News
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Hill Helicopters Develops “Revolutionary” Premium Helicopter

British startup Hill Helicopters showed the first images of the light helicopter HX50, which, according to the developers, will “revolutionize the private aviation segment” by significantly reducing noise levels and ensuring safety and comfort during flight. The proposed images show...

09 September 2020 News
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Airbus Helicopters H160 received EASA certification

The new generation helicopter Airbus Helicopters H160 has been certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Now the manufacturing company Airbus plans to obtain a certificate from the US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), after which the helicopter will be...

12 July 2020 News
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Airbus H145 with five-bladed rotor is EASA certified

The new Airbus H145 helicopter with a five-blade rotor has been certified by the European Air Transport Safety Agency (EASA).

25 June 2020 News
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The path of the new Russian helicopter VRT500 in the light class

Russian Helicopters Holding seeks to enter the Western market with the promising VRT500 helicopter. The new helicopter is being created in the class of light single-engine gas turbine cars up to two tons, in which the domestic manufacturer is introduced...

20 February 2020 News
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